The Creation Process

Simple, easy steps to upgrading or getting your business online.

Local, Affordable Website Design in South Devon

Website Design Process

Getting the right website solution needn’t be daunting. We’ll be here to assist through each of the development stages, and work closely with you to assist in any other way we can.

1 ~ Introductory Meeting

Whether virtually or in person, we will meet first to discuss your new project.

2 ~ Project Proposal

We will then build a project proposal based upon the discussed requirements.

3 ~ Start Designing

Once you are happy, we will begin the design process, working closely with you along the way.


4 ~ Initial Design Review

We then review the initial designs with you to ensure you are happy with the development.


5 ~ Refinements

Once the site is completed, we then work with you to make any last final adjustments before activation.

6 ~ Website Activation

Once everything is good to go, your new website is then activated and fully installed with the required security and protection features.

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